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The heart of any 研究 university is its libraries. The University of Rochester’s libraries offer resources for inspiration, 研究, and collaboration.

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close-up of a sheet of music from the Sibley Library collection of scores.

Eastman School of Music

Sibley Music Library has nearly 750,000 holdings in scores, 书, 和期刊, as well as manuscripts, 乐谱, and various archival 集合, for performance and 研究.

Outside view of 爱德华G. 矿业公司库

Medical Center 库

The Medical Center 库 support education, 研究, and clinical care at the University’s School of 医学 and 牙科, School of Nursing, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, 和医院. In addition to extensive contemporary digital 集合, 矿业公司库 features a robust Rare Books and Manuscripts collection in the fields of medicine, dentistry, and nursing.

Memorial Art Gallery building exterior.

Memorial Art Gallery

The Charlotte Whitney Allen Library is open to the public and has resources for K–12 teachers.

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iZone is a collaborative “problem-solving” space in Rush Rhees Library on the River Campus where students go to explore and imagine ideas that have social, 文化, community and economic impact.

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Beyond preservation: Past meets future

Our libraries are combining digital tools and unique expertise to bring the past to life.

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